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Botox Cosmetic (Onabotulinumtoxin A) is manufactured by Allergan, Inc. and injected into small muscles to weaken activity and reduce dynamic wrinkling of the skin. The most common location is the glabellar region of the forehead, where certain muscles function as depressors of the eyebrows and cause deep furrows and creases between the eyebrows and at the junction between the brow and the nose. Other locations that can safely be injected include the lateral orbital region to diminish “crow’s feet”.

Injection is typically straightforward and well-tolerated and requires between 4 and 12 injections of a very small volume of fluid containing between 2 and 5 units of the toxin. Systemic reactions and complications are very rare and the effect is typically noted within 7 days of the injection and lasts for approximately 3 months. An understanding of muscle activity and antagonism between muscle groups is critical for obtaining a natural and satisfactory outcome. Patients are evaluated prior to injection, to determine the best strategy and approach for successful injection and outcome.

Dysport (Abotulinumtoxin A) is manufactured by Ipsen Biopharm, Ltd. and distributed by Medicis Aesthetics, Inc. The mechanism of action is identical to that of Botox Cosmetic, but the biologic activity per unit and concentration differs. Smaller injection volumes are typically used depending on the dilution, and the price is certainly competitive. There is no significant difference in complication rates or patient satisfaction in large studies comparing this product with Botox Cosmetic.

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